Our Company

Our Company is well experienced in air freight,sea freight, any form of cargo, freight management,warehousing. We don’t compromise our service and we guarantee you better delivery to your destination.We have over ten years of experience and we make sure all our clients are satisfied with our service.We have various partners around the world to make our delivery guaranteed….

Newtonstands logistics Limited

Our delivery team

Welcome to Newtonstand Logistics

we are a fast growing courier delivery company internationally. we deal on variety of freight services on a short-term and long-term span. we have various partners all round the globe to ensure we cover most of our delivery orders. we have very highly qualified personnel and diligent agents registered with us for better audience to all requests and challenges faced by our clients. we are very optimistic that our services will blow your mind…

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A Secured tracking system

We have a tracking system that allows all our clients track all there delivery in a punch of your phone device.

afordable and Reliable delivery

We are very affordable and equally very efficient as to ensure our clients get the best of service.